The perennial failure of rains in the semi arid and arid areas lower eastern part of the country have always precipitated to drought, hunger and in some cases death of people living in these areas. Studies of the areas affected by these famines, point at several things. Owing to climatic changes, the weather patterns in these areas have changed and yet the farmers keep on planting the same kind of crops and expect harvest and the agronomical practices are not helping either.

The arable land has continued to diminish day by day owing to several reasons; for instance the population explosion in these areas has seriously affected the land tenure system. If for example the arable land per farmer was 10 acres, after 20 years this particular farmer in question already has 10 sons who want to farm and keep cows as well. This further complicates the situation, apart from the land demarcation; there is a lot of pressure on the 10 acre farm.

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